Charlotte Pride’s Annual Stonewall Resolution: Black Lives Matter

A Resolution & Statement from Charlotte Pride Commemorating the Stonewall Riots & Uprising and Supporting Black Lives Matter

In support of Black Lives Matter movements, the Charlotte Pride Board of Directors has adopted this following statement on June 10, 2020, as our annual resolution commemorating the Stonewall Riots & Uprising of June 1969:

Charlotte Pride believes Black Lives Matter.

We also know that the history of this nation — from slavery, to Jim Crow, to the convict-leasing system, to policing — proves it has more often than not violently oppressed Black and Brown people. The overwhelming evidence from more than 400 years of history shows that our government has not been held accountable for the crimes and violence committed against Black and Brown people.

Charlotte Pride also believes that the fight for Black and Brown lives is inextricably bound together with our fight for LGBTQ liberation.

As a Pride organization, we exist to commemorate, celebrate, and continue the modern LGBTQ Liberation Movement, which many consider to have begun as a result of the Stonewall Riots & Uprising in June 1969, led largely by Black and Brown people, transgender and gender-nonconforming people, low-income people, and young people. Stonewall was itself a rebellion against unjust and violent police brutality and the catalyst which birthed modern-day Pride movements and organizations. We acknowledge that these modern-day Pride movements and organizations, including our own, have not always held ourselves accountable to the Black and Brown people, and others, who birthed the spirit of Stonewall and our shared Liberation Movement. Because of this historic lack of inclusion and, at times, outright exclusion, Black and Brown LGBTQ people have often formed their own Pride organizations and communities. We know that it is our job to not only actively support these organizations and communities, but to also follow their lead in identifying the larger community’s needs and direction.

In line with our positions above, Charlotte Pride is adopting the following action steps:

  1. Charlotte Pride will no longer allow the participation of any local, state, or federal law enforcement agency as vendors or marching contingents in our annual festival and parade until there is surmounting evidence and community confidence that law enforcement is committed to the meaning of Black Lives Matter and treats Black and Brown people with dignity and respect.
  2. Charlotte Pride will request that the City of Charlotte make less visible the number of uniformed and armed law enforcement officers we are required to have as public security at the annual festival and parade.
  3. Charlotte Pride encourages local, state, and federal elected officials to adopt new policies and laws banning the use of tear gas and other chemical agents by law enforcement agencies.
  4. Charlotte Pride encourages the City of Charlotte to identify ways to redirect police funding into investments in community-based and community-accountable public safety, public health, affordable housing, and other initiatives that will uplift Black and Brown people, low-income people, and other marginalized communities.

Daniel Valdez, President    Nan Bangs, Vice President   Brisa Ramirez, Secretary
R. Lee Robertson, Jr., Treasurer   Riley Murray, Director

Jerry Yelton, Programs & Development Director    Matt Comer, Communications Director    Nada Merghani, Programs Associate