Queer election victories to brighten your spirits

Tuesday’s election is still on-going. The vote totals are being counted in several states with large numbers of absentee vote-by-mail. We may not know the results of the presidential race for a couple days.

Naturally, that has many of us feeling anxious. Many of us are scared. Many of us are lost. Many are angry.

Whatever you’re feeling, you have a right to feel it. Sit with it. Understand it. But, most importantly, remember that you come first. Be sure to take some good self-care time today and in the next few days, however that may look for it.

But, rest assured, not all things are doom and gloom…

As we all await the results of this tumultuous presidential election, there are lots of other races across the country and good news to share, especially for the LGBTQ community. In recent years, we’ve seen surge after surge of openly queer candidates winning elections across the country — all positive signs of forward movement for our community, and great personal victories for the LGBTQ candidates themselves, who often put themselves out into the public spotlight only to stare down attacks against their identities.

We’ve compiled a small snippet of the “good news” from LGBTQ races right here in North Carolina and across the nation: