Welcome to the 2020 Charlotte Pride Magazine

by Daniel Valdez (he/him)

Welcome to the 2020 Charlotte Pride Magazine! This article is part of the annual Charlotte Pride Magazine, published this year as a special year-end retrospective for 2020. You can see all 2020 Charlotte Pride Magazine content here, as well as finding distribution locations for our limited print run.

Hello and welcome to our second ever issue of the Charlotte Pride Magazine! We certainly had intentions of getting this magazine in your hands at our in-person Charlotte Pride Festival and Parade this year, but as you are all too aware, this year has come with many trials and tribulations for our community and the work we hoped to do. We are bringing you this magazine as a year-end wrap-up as we look ahead to better times in 2021.

First and foremost, we want to thank our community for its incredible strength, beauty, and resilience in this challenging year. Thank you to our freedom fighters marching in the streets for Black Lives, thank you to our leaders advocating for care and treatment for our communities battling this pandemic, and thanks to you for persevering and being here with us despite so many who would prefer you to not be your authentic, beautiful self. Thank you to each of you that continue to push forward to honor the spirits of those who have fought for the progress we have made.

I want to express my appreciation for our Charlotte Pride team. To our board of directors, our volunteers, our staff, and our donors, sponsors, and partners, thank you so much for your work. Without your continued support, energy, efforts, and enthusiasm, our impact would have disappeared in 2020. This year was a unique opportunity for us to learn how to reach our community virtually and continue to offer our programs and community-building, and I am so proud of what we have done together. Thank you.

To our readers, I want to share words of hope and power as we look ahead. In 2020, we faced many hardships, and we saw so much progress and hope. We saw the power of our community when called to action; we saw the resilience of our people in the face of adversity and loss; we saw our creativity in answering the needs of our own. As we look to the future, let’s take these lessons we have learned and ensure they are kept in practice. We keep our community safe and empowered, and that’s exactly what we must continue to do after we see the other side of this pandemic.

As we wrap up our 2020 season, we send love and light to each of you. We send hopes of healing for the losses you and your families have felt.

We hope this magazine brings you a sense of togetherness as you learn about the work our community has done, and we look forward to seeing you back in person for Charlotte Pride 2021 on August 21 and 22, 2021!

With pride and solidarity,

Daniel Valdez
President, Charlotte Pride Board of Directors