Charlotte groups rally for non-discrimination protections

Charlotte Pride joins coalition of local groups calling for Charlotte City Council to pass expanded non-discrimination ordinances

In response to the lack of visible progress towards an expansion of non-discrimination protections in employment, housing, and public accommodations, a coalition of groups in Charlotte affirmed their support for immediate action by the Mayor and City Council to pass an enforceable ordinance. With last month’s tragic murders of two Black Trans Women, Charlotte must take steps to ensure the most marginalized have equal access to jobs and services in their daily lives, rather than perpetuating a trend that ranks our city as the second most dangerous in the nation for Transgender women.

The coalition of groups, including Charlotte Pride, Charlotte Black Pride, the NAACP Charlotte-Mecklenburg Branch, the Charlotte LGBT Chamber of Commerce, the LGBTQ+ Democrats of Mecklenburg County, the Charlotte NOW Chapter, Sunrise Movement CLT Hub, Charlotte Moms Demand Action, and the African-American Caucus of the Mecklenburg Democratic Party, among others, are urging City Council to take immediate action to protect people from discrimination. These proposals enjoy popular, bipartisan support across North Carolina and have been successfully implemented in diverse communities, rural and urban, across the country.

These organizations are asking for an expansion of non-discrimination protections, similar to those already passed unanimously in Asheville, Buncombe County and Durham. The desired classes for protection include: gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, pregnancy, national origin, natural hairstyles, veteran status, and familial or marital status. This coalition believes that Charlotte City Council has had ample time to discuss any outstanding issues, including having already received a drafted framework from the Community Relations Committee. Nearly six months after the sunset of HB-142, and approaching Pride Month in June, we urge the Mayor and City Council to take immediate action to protect LGBTQ+ people. These actions will save lives.

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