Charlotte Pride Magazine

December 2020 | Volume 2


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The annual Charlotte Pride Magazine is back — with a special year-end retrospective for 2020. With the absence of an in-person festival and parade during this wild ride of a year, we decided to push the annual magazine back to December and use it to chronicle our work and the experiences of our community this year.

With a very limited print run, you can find printed magazines in select locations across the city. View our distribution locations, a virtual flip book edition, and all the magazine’s articles below.


Virtual Edition

Flip through the virtual edition of the Charlotte Pride Magazine and see our full list of distribution points.

Virtual Edition

Read the Charlotte Pride Magazine in a virtual flip book edition!

Find a Copy!

A limited print run of magazines will be distributed to several selection locations across the city over the next two weeks. We’ll add more locations to this list as we distribute magazines. Magazines are currently available at:

Common Market – PM
White Rabbit
Park Road Books
Noda@28th Studios
Hattie’s Tap & Tavern
The Woodshed

Charlotte Pride Magazine Articles & Features

Charlotte Pride Magazine Articles & Features

The Charlotte Pride Team

Daniel Valdez, he/him, President
Nan Bangs, she/her, Vice President
Brisa Ramirez, she/her, Secretary
Lee Robertson, he/him, Treasurer
Megan Jones, she/her, Director
Will Martin, he/him, Director
Riley Murray, she/they, Director
Clark Simon, he/him, Director

Jerry Yelton, they/them, Programs & Development Director
Matt Comer, he/him, Communications Director
Nada Merghani, she/they, Programs Manager

Bryce Carey, he/him
Katie Cormier, she/her
Dustin Crites, he/him
Tiffany Crooks, she/her
Raquandra Davis, she/her
Alicia Emmons, she/her
Jenny Gunn, she/they
Heather Hudson, she/her
Carlos Johnson, he/him
Vanessa Kovalcik, she/her
Marie Mancinelli, she/her
Tatiana Marquez, she/they
Morgan Mayes, he/him
Wes McNeely, he/him
Justin Pate, he/him
Courtney Pickens, she/her
Tia Rainey, she/her
Rochelly Reyes, she/her
Cristal Robinson, she/her
Travis Shannon, he/him
Lupe Silva, he/him
Alissa Smith, she/her
Maggie Solomon, she/her
Kisha Summers, she/her
Douglas Taylor, he/him
Angel Truesdale, she/her
Kimani Varner, he/him
John Walton, he/him
Asia Washington, she/her
David Zealy-Wright, he/him

Charlotte Pride Magazine

December 2020. Volume 2.
A publication of Charlotte Pride, Inc.
© 2020, Charlotte Pride, Inc. All rights reserved.

Matt Comer, he/him

Grant Baldwin, he/him
Matt Comer, he/him
Trey Gibson, she/her
Anders Hare, he/him
Nada Merghani, she/they
Jared Misner, he/him
Pat Moran, he/him
Julianna Peres, she/her
Sumayya Smith, she/her
Jerry Yelton, they/them
Second Life Photography

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PO Box 32362, Charlotte, NC 28232
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