Annual Charlotte Pride Interfaith Service

Sunday, July 26, 2020, 4-6pm

Hosted virtually by St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church

Livestream below starting at 4pm on Sunday, July 26 or view on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Twitch


Thank you for joining us for the annual Charlotte Pride Interfaith Service, one event out of many in this year’s Virtual Charlotte Pride Week, including the 2020 Charlotte Pride Virtual Festival and Parade. Click here to learn more about all our virtual events July 24-Aug. 2.

Order of Service

View the order of service below or click here to access a PDF.

Welcome from Charlotte Pride — Dustin Crites, Interfaith Coordinator

Welcome from St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church — The Rev. Clifford Matthews Jr

Opening Song — “Lift Every Voice & Sing”
St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church Men’s Ensemble
Nicolas Nixon, Ricardo Nicolas, Gregory Gerald, Montrell Calhoun, Mark Chatman

Pastor’s Message — “Reconciliation” — Rev. Matthews

Closing Song — “All Around”
St Luke Missionary Baptist Church Praise Team
Carrie Doneghy, Montrell Calhoun, Gregory Gerald, Veneka Quick, Tasha Wells,
Janet Deshields

Many thanks to the musicians of St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church: Anthony Hames (Percussionist), Steven Fleming (Organist), Joshua Geter (Saxophonist), DJ Boyd (Pianist/Director of Worship)

Opening Song from Temple Beth El — “Olam Chesed Yibaneh”
Cantor Mary Thomas

Message — “Involvement in Reconciliation” — Rabbi Asher Knight

Closing Prayer — Rabbi Dusty Klass

Opening Worship from Charlotte Buddhist Vihara

Message — “Spirituality of Reconciliation” — Rev. Ayya Sudhamma

Closing Prayer — Rev. Sudhamma

Opening Offering from Sacred Souls United Church of Christ — Spoken Word by nYk P

Message – “Evolving through Reconciliation” — Bishop Tonyia Rawls

Closing Prayer – Bishop Rawls

Closing Remarks – Dustin Crites

We would like to thank the following faith leaders who submitted separate welcome messages as a form of participation in this year’s Interfaith Service:

The Rev. John Cleghorn
Caldwell Presbyterian Church

The Rev. Sarah Belles
The Inclusion Community

The Rev Debra Hopkins
Essentials for Life Ministries

The Rev. James Howell
Myers Park United Methodist Church

The Rev. Wes Isley
Charlotte Pagan Spiritual Community

Rabbi Dusty Klass
Temple Beth El

Rabbi Asher Knight
Temple Beth El

The Rev. Marion Sprott-Goldson
St. Martin’s Episcopal Church

The Rev. Jolin McElroy
First Christian Church

Kelly McRell
Connect, Family, and Outreach Minister
First United Methodist Church

Bishop Tonyia Rawls
Sacred Souls United Church of Christ

The Rev. Andrew Shipley
MissionGathering Church

Thank you: We would like to extend a special thanks to St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church for participating this year as the host of the annual Charlotte Pride Interfaith Service. Additionally, we would like to thank LanguageLine Solutions for providing ASL interpreting services for this event. 

A Note of Gratitude: Thank you to the members of the Charlotte Pride Interfaith Team for your ideas, feedback, volunteer time, commitment, and involvement. Interfaith Team members include coordinator Dustin Crites, and team members Marty Bacher, Erin Barbee, Sandy Carson, Bridgett Eble, Benji and Molly Furlong, Kevin Proffit, James Rice III, and John Simmons.

Get Involved: Would you like to get involved in future Charlotte Pride Interfaith Programs? Email to learn more about current and future activities.