Photos: Couples full of Pride for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is upon us. Loving couples will be headed out for fancy dinners at the city’s best restaurants. Or maybe some will opt for more intimate settings, holding hands across a candlelit dining room table.

But we’re reminded of all the love and joy we’ve seen over the years at Charlotte Pride. There’s no better time than Valentine’s Day to recognize the awesome couples who let their Pride and love shine through during the community’s largest celebration each year.


This couple let the whole world know about their love on the 2013 Charlotte Pride Wells Fargo Stage, where they announced their engagement. Photo Credit: Matt Comer.


Love knows no bounds. We work hard to make Charlotte Pride an affirming and accepting place for every member of our LGBTQ community. Photo Credit: Matthew Cummings.


We love motorcycles. And we love this couple. Photo Credit: Matthew Cummings.

Charlotte Pride2013-6

Love is always stronger than hate. This couple knows first hand — choosing to counter-protest the anti-LGBTQ protesters with a public smooch. Photo Credit: Matthew Cummings.


We’re all born to love. Photo Credit: Matthew Cummings.


There’s nothing like young love. So new. So fragile. Full of self discovery. We’re glad Charlotte Pride can be a place where even our youth can find affirmation and feel safe to freely express their love. Photo Credit: Matthew Cummings.


Tattoos and muscles. And love! Sign us up! Photo Credit: Jennifer L. Hogan.

Bonus: Love from the Queens


2014 Charlotte Pride performers Bianca Del Rio, right, and Alyssa Edwards, left, share a hug on the Wells Fargo Stage. Photo Credit: RLW Studios.

Bonus: Kids love Valentine’s Day, too!

Seriously. Go out and buy as much Valentine’s candy as you can. These angels full of Pride deserve all the sweets they want.


Photo Credit: Jennifer L. Hogan.


Photo Credit: Matt Comer.

Bonus: What’s love without a bit of lust?

Aw. Come on now. We’re not all coupled. Us singles have to have some fun, too. Underwear designer Andrew Christian and his models say, “Hello boys!”


Photo Credit: Jennifer L. Hogan.