Five fabulous reasons to volunteer with Charlotte Pride in 2015


Charlotte Pride is ramping up its planning for our 2015 festival and parade — and we’ve got a lot of other new, exciting events, programs and projects we’re working on, too! We’re expanding our community events, our community outreach, our partnerships and collaborations.

But we need you to help make it all a success! From the main event in August to outreach and educational events in the lead up to the festival and parade, your unique talents and time can contribute to a growing group of dedicated volunteers!

Look below for some upcoming events and volunteer needs, and our fabulously awesome five reasons we know you’ll have a blast volunteering with us this year…

Upcoming volunteer events and needs

Next Thursday, Feb. 5, 6:30 p.m., you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about getting involved in our community outreach efforts. The Charlotte Pride Community Development Committee will hold its first meeting of the year then, and they’re looking for team players who communicate well, have a passion and drive, and want to make a difference. Community Development is involved in virtually every aspect of the Charlotte community — planning events, reaching out to a wide diversity of our local LGBTQ and ally community, building partnerships and collaborations and more!

We need people who are forward thinking and ready to make a difference. If this is you, then please join us on Feb. 5, 2015 at the Charlotte Pride office for the first Community Development Committee meeting of the year. We are looking for people of all types, backgrounds and talents! Our office is located at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, 1900 The Plaza, on the second floor. For more information on the Community Development meeting or to RSVP, visit the Facebook event page or email

We’ve also got a slew of other volunteer needs across all our committees. Right now, the Media & Marketing Committee is looking for a graphic designer and illustrator who can help us with all our posters, fliers, banners and online graphics! This volunteer position could also be a potential internship for students. If interested, email for more information.

Why should you volunteer?

Simple! Because it’s fun! No, seriously, you’ll have the best time of your life volunteering with Charlotte Pride. Over the many years we’ve worked with volunteers, here’s five things we’ve learned:

1. Our volunteers make a real difference!

Whether you’re one of the hundreds of people filling a volunteer shift at the parade and festival or you’re one of our die-hard volunteers working with us all year, know this: The work you put in makes a real difference in the lives of LGBTQ people across the city and across the region. You’re the folks who are making it possible for people to come together with openness and Pride — people who might not otherwise have the opportunity to be with people from their own community. Do you remember your first Pride event? It’s special, it’s affirming, it’s awe-inspiring. And it takes people just like you to open the doors of acceptance for others.

2. The volunteer work you do will change your life forever!

There’s a reason why our parade and festival volunteers keep coming back year after year. It’s the same reason why we’ve been able to keep year-long volunteer committee members for years on end and attract new ones each year. Working with a dedicated team like Charlotte Pride makes you new, lifelong friends. Really, we’ve all become like a family, working together to present one of the Southeast’s largest LGBTQ events and growing Charlotte Pride to offer even more programs and projects this year. You’ll never be the same again after volunteering with Charlotte Pride and, after all those weeks of work, seeing it all come together on the big weekend in August.

3. You’ll learn valuable new skills and talents!

Working with one of our committees will expose you to new challenges and opportunities. In the process, you’ll learn valuable new skills you can then put to use in other ways — in other volunteer roles, in your education and in your career. Some of our volunteers have even used their Charlotte Pride work on their resumes!

4. You’ll meet awesome people!

We’ve got a dedicated group of about two dozen people who come together to plan all year long. Our core volunteer base is always growing, and each one of these folks are among the most awesome people you’ll ever meet. You’ll even get a quick crash course in the community at large! We work with a growing number of civic, community, business and other partners and collaborators. If you’re looking for a ticket to getting involved in the larger Charlotte community, this is it!

5. Quite simply, Charlotte Pride is fun!

We all work hard. Sometimes we put in long hours, and we definitely offer up some sweat during the heat of August. But our work doesn’t really seem like real work. Our committee meetings are some of the most fun working meetings you’ll ever attend, sitting around a table of like-minded folks working together for a common cause and vision. And when we’re done with meetings, we often get together for meals or coffee or nights out at some of the community’s best hangout spots.

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