Trans Day of Visibility: Get involved and support Charlotte trans initiatives

Today is Transgender Day of Visibility, a day designed to show your support for the trans community and bring attention to the accomplishments and efforts of trans people around the globe.

This year’s theme for Transgender Day of Visibility is Trans Resistance. Here’s what organizers have to say about the theme:

“This year’s theme is trans resistance (#TransResistance). In the increasingly transphobic global political climate, we must use our newfound visibility to mobilize trans people against oppression. Speaking out, taking direct action, and educating others is critical to our safety and wellbeing. This recognizes that while visibility is important, we must take action against transphobia. Visibility is not enough alone to bring transgender liberation.”

Here in our own local community, Charlotte Pride wants to honor and raise awareness of awesome local efforts and initiatives in and for the local transgender community.

Here are just a handful of groups and initiatives right here in Charlotte which work to better the lives of transgender community members. Looking to get involved or support? Check out these efforts:

Transcend Charlotte

Transcend Charlotte is a nonprofit organization out of Charlotte, North Carolina created to provide services and support to transgender adults and others struggling because of their identity and/or experiences. We do this by providing free clothing and basic needs help, support groups, workshops, safe events, mentoring, and referrals to safe and friendly providers of these and other services. People we support include but are not limited to others on the LGBTQIAP spectrum struggling with their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, people of color, individuals facing physical or mental health challenges and/or survivors of trauma. We are open to discussing all aspects of identity including struggles with religion and belief, but we are not affiliated with any religion or religious organization. Transcend Charlotte seeks to “Rise Above” conflict, labels, and our differences in promoting connection, understanding, and empathy for ALL people.


Genderlines is a support group for all people in the transgender and gender non-conforming community. We also welcome our allies, family and friends to our group meetings and events. Founded in 2014, Genderlines is proud to offer a welcoming, safe, and non-judgmental place for people to explore their gender identity. We are here to offer peer based support to our members. The strength of the group comes from its members. We have members from all along the gender spectrum and from all walks of life. Wherever you are along your journey you are welcome to join us.

Equity Through Reparations

In a post-Trump election and in the wake of HB2, transgender people of color are faced with rising hostility and violence. This discrimination comes in forms such as being evicted from their homes and struggling to find employment. In conjunction with the Trans Day of Visibility on March 31, 2017, please help fight the injustice by becoming a monthly sustainer for a trans person of color in the North Carolina organizing community. All funds are distributed directly to trans people of color in need of housing, food, healthcare and other necessities to ensure that they not only survive but so they can thrive. Learn more and donate at

Trans Education Series

Hosted at Caldwell Presbyterian Church and in coordination with leaders in the local transgender community, this series of educational events is designed to support, engage and expand knowledge regarding the specific needs of the trans community. Past sessions have included a Trans 101 and a session on centering trans people of color. Next sessions include “Sharing our Stories” on April 23, “How to Create Affirming Faith Based Organizations” on May 21, and “Ways to Support the Trans Community” on June 18. All sessions are held 2-3:30 p.m. at Belk Hall at Caldwell Presbyterian Church, 1609 E. 5th St., Charlotte, NC, 28204.

PFLAG Charlotte

PFLAG Charlotte includes robust programming and support for parents of transgender children and they partner with Time Out Youth Center, which directly serves trans youth. Learn more about trans parent support by emailing

Freedom Center for Social Justice

Through established programs and initiatives that counter the effects of poverty and all forms of oppression, the Freedom Center for Social Justice addresses social, economic and other justice needs within the LGBTQ community, helping to create true culture change within communities, businesses, organizations and institutions that serve and connect to some of the most marginalized. The Freedom Center has a long history of trans-specific programming and support, including its Trans Faith in Action Network and Conference and its local Yes, You Can Go campaign.