Q&A: Meet Dave Webb

Starting today and carrying through through Pride Charlotte Week, we’ll take just a moment to introduce you to some of the volunteer committee members who work to plan, coordinate and present the The LGBT Community Center of Charlotte’s Pride Charlotte.

We begin with Dave Webb, co-chair of the Pride Charlotte organizing committee.

Dave Webb

Contact: dave@pridecharlotte.com
Position: Co-Chair
Years on organizing committee: 2011
Hometown: Born in Memphis, Tenn.; raised in Atlanta and Charlotte

How many years have you lived in Charlotte? Have you lived in other cities?
I moved back to Charlotte a year ago, but have over the last 30 years have lived back and forth between Charlotte and Atlanta. I returned to Charlotte to assist my family and elderly parents. Also, I was looking for a little more laid back environment then what Atlanta has.

What is your favorite neighborhood in Charlotte? What makes it so special?
Dilworth; wonderful architecture, wonderful tree-lined streets.

What is your favorite color?

How do you define “Pride”?
Pride is a community-wide movement that supports and celebrates the LGBT community.

Why is Pride important for Charlotte?
The LGBT community in Charlotte is diverse and growing. It is important to have a public event that celebrates our community and invites all of Charlotte to participate, especially in these times when so many people, including our state, are trying to limit our liberties and freedoms.

What motivated you to get involved with Pride Charlotte?
I want to give back the the community. I want to help Charlotte’s LGBT community to become much more open and out in a way that I have experienced in larger cities.

How do you hope to grow personally from your experience working with Pride Charlotte?
One of the most wonderful gifts an individual gets by volunteering is experiencing the excitement and joy others get from your efforts. A couple of years from now no one will remember that I was involved in this effort, but that’s alright because the point is to help a team build an organization that can continue to grow and prosper.

What are your hopes for Pride Charlotte this year?
I hope that more people from the Charlotte are come out to enjoy our new Uptown location and more organizations become involved in the festivities than ever before!

How would you like to see Pride Charlotte grow in one year? Two years? A decade from now?
I hope next year we can continue to reach out to other individuals and organziations to become involved in Pride and possibly expand the festival to two days and add a Pride parade.