Fall 2017 Spotlight: Jerry Yelton

Our new quarterly newsletter will feature a “spotlight” on a Charlotte Pride volunteer, staffer, community partner, donor or sponsor. This time, we’re introducing you to the newest member of the team, Jerry Yelton, Charlotte Pride’s new Programs & Events Manager. Be sure to click here to learn more about our new support staff hires and what they’ll be doing to help the organization.

Jerry Yelton joined Charlotte Pride in November 2017 as the Programs and Events Manager. Originally from Forest City, N.C., and a recent App State grad with a B.S. in Communication Studies, Jerry is a passionate advocate for intentional, intersectional community organizing and development. Over the past five years, he has worked with Equality NC’s TurnOUT Campaign, as a program lead at App State’s Henderson Springs LGBT Center, and with a number of other social justice and community organizing efforts to push forward inclusive, thoughtful action.

In addition to his role with Charlotte Pride, Jerry currently writes for QNotes, Charlotte’s LGBTQ community newspaper, on topics such as HIV, mental health, and the diverse array of queer identities. His personal passions include reproductive justice, immigration reform, media and news advocacy, healthcare access, and the political news of the day.

Jerry enjoys spending time with his friends and his partner, Daniel, and watching “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” “The Great British Bake-Off,” “Sense8,” and “Parks and Recreation.” He has recently taken up baking and makes a mean set of macarons. He enjoys good, strong coffee, visiting local breweries, and any time spent outdoors or with animals, especially dogs. If he ever has a bad day, send along a photo of a dog if you want to brighten his mood. He is a big fan of new music, and some of his favorite artists include Bleachers, Sara Bareilles, and Emeli Sande. Jerry is an avid reader, both nonfiction and fiction, and is always looking for new book recommendations.

Jerry is excited for the opportunity to make an impact on Charlotte and North Carolina through his work with Charlotte Pride. He looks forward to including more people of color and trans and non-binary folks in the conversation, and he welcomes invites for a cup of coffee to discuss new, inventive ideas and possibilities for Charlotte Pride.

Need to connect with Jerry? Send a note and say hi at jerry@charlottepride.org.

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