Photos: Charlotte Pride’s volunteer office clean-up day

Our post-festival office cleaning party “put away” all the stuff and “put away” some mighty delicious pizza on Saturday, Nov. 18.

A hearty thank you to the volunteers who came out to help Charlotte Pride clean up and organize its office space following this year’s festival and parade!

Each year, the big event in August turns the Charlotte Pride office into one huge mess! Weeks later, we often find ourselves still organizing, inventorying and storing items. Volunteers came out help us square everything away and were rewarded with big laughs, good times and delicious pizza.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who came out and to The Pizza Peel for the awesome food!

Did know you? We offer meeting space!

The Charlotte Pride offices include meeting space for small and medium sized groups and is open to use by community members and community organizations! A board room (14 capacity), conference room (10 capacity) and lounge (20 capacity) are perfect for meetings and small events.

Want to learn more? Visit for more information on office space requests and a request/reservation form! 

Photos: Before & After

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