Q&A: Meet Craig Snider

We’re continuing our special Q&A series today, taking just a few moments this week and carrying through Pride Charlotte Week to to introduce you to some of the volunteer committee members who work to plan, coordinate and present the The LGBT Community Center of Charlotte’s Pride Charlotte.

We began with Dave Webb, co-chair of the Pride Charlotte organizing committee, on Monday. Yesterday, we featured John Stotler, chair of The LGBT Community Center of Charlotte Board of Directors. Today, meet Pride Charlotte Development Chair Craig Snider. 

Craig Snider

Contact: rcraigsnider@gmail.com
Position: Development Chair
Years on organizing committee: 2011
Hometown: Greensboro, N.C.

How many years have you lived in Charlotte? Have you lived in other cities?
13 Years. I am from Greensboro and moved here for college in 1993. I returned to Greensboro in 1998 after college. After 5 years in Greensboro, working and traveling as a consultant, I moved back to Charlotte in 2004 to work for Wachovia, now Wells Fargo.

What is your favorite neighborhood in Charlotte? What makes it so special?
Uptown. Many things have changed and grown since 1993. The Bank of America Corporate Headquarters was new, City Fair was still kicking, and very few people lived and visited uptown after 5pm. Now, I can’t help but to feel energized by all of the new buildings, thriving businesses and the energy of the people in Uptown.

What is your favorite type of music? Your favorite singer/band?
I like good music. That can be almost anything as long as it is unique and interesting. I grew up with REM, Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Blind Melon, so those tend to be comfort zones. I still have the cover of Newsweek commemorating Kurt Cobain.

Who is your favorite actor/actress? Your favorite movie?
I really am unable to choose here because I love movies so much. I have been watching old black-and-white movies with Buster Keaton. My most watched movie is “A Few Good Men.” I think the dialog is superb and it connects Kevin Bacon to a lot of popular actors.

What is your favorite food? Your favorite restaurant in Charlotte?
I really don’t have a favorite restaurant. I miss the French and Japanese Fusion style at Restaurant I on East Blvd. Lately, I have been exploring Cuban, Dominican and Korean dishes but a good southern cook meal always hits home as well.

What is your favorite color?
Carolina Blue (Slightly different than Tarheel Blue)

What is the most cherished piece of your wardrobe?
My Grandfather’s grey winter hat with fold up flaps that look like they belong in Russia.

What makes you special?
I get along with almost everyone.

How do you define “Pride”?
Pride Charlotte is a safe and accepting place where the LGBT community can let their hair down.

Why is Pride important for Charlotte?
North Carolina has developed so much in the last 10 years but we are experiencing a year when it feels like things are going backwards for LGBT rights. Pride Charlotte provides an opportunity for everyone to just relax and have fun.

What motivated you to get involved with Pride Charlotte?
I was bored and wanted to challenge myself with something I have never done before.

Why do you think it is important to support Pride Charlotte and the LGBT Community Center of Charlotte?
With so many good causes out there, I think it is important to find your passion and support that. I support Pride Charlotte because it is fun and brings a lot of people together for a great cause.

How do you hope to grow personally from your experience working with Pride Charlotte?
I hope that I make a positive impact toward building a stronger community.

What are your hopes for Pride Charlotte this year?
I hope that Pride Charlotte acts a a catalyst to build a stronger LGBT community.

How would you like to see Pride Charlotte grow in one year? Two years? A decade from now?
Next year, I want us to have a parade. In two years, I want 30,000-plus people to attend. I want Pride Charlotte to develop into a showcase for our Charlotte LGBT Community. Something that differentiates Pride Charlotte from the rest of the Pride festivals.