Q&A: Meet Su Cummings

As we did before our festival was a smashing success (!!!), we’re continuing our special Q&A series taking just a few moments to introduce you to some of the volunteer committee members who work to plan, coordinate and present the The LGBT Community Center of Charlotte’s Pride Charlotte.

We began with Dave Webb, co-chair of the Pride Charlotte organizing committee, and then featured John Stotler, chair of The LGBT Community Center of Charlotte Board of Directors and Pride Charlotte Development Chair Craig Snider. You also had a chance to meet Pride Co-Chair Jonathan Hill. Today, we feature Su Cummings. 

Su Cummings

Contact: su@pridecharlotte.com
Position: Kids’ Corner (“Sun Dog City”)
Years on organizing committee: 2006-2011

Have you served in other leadership roles on the committee than the one you currently hold?
I first hooked up with Pride Charlotte in 2005. My church youth group made and sold T-shirts as a vendor. We’ve continued to do so every year since, giving the profits to Time Out Youth. I helped create what is now Partners in Peace, Pride Charlotte’s answer to the protestors. After five years of deflecting the harsh words of the protestors I have passed the torch to the able hands of Jenny Richeson. This year I will be organizing and staffing the youth activity area with games and art and prizes!

What is your hometown?
I have moved around a lot and spent many years in Milford, Conn., on Long Island Sound. But after 17 years here, I consider Charlotte my hometown. Yep, I am a damn Yankee!

In what other cities have you lived?
I’ve lived in Connecticut, Washington, D.C. and Ohio, Ga.

What is your favorite neighborhood in Charlotte? What makes it so special?
NoDa. Art! Food! Music! Charm and modern development…though that can quit now. 😉

What is your favorite type of music? Your favorite singer/band?
I like everything except derogitory rap, sappy pop and new country. Bands people might recognize: U2, REM, Incubus, Muse, Rage Against the Machine, Gorilas, Punk, New Wave, Classical, Drum and Bass and whatever when the mood or company presents!

Who is your favorite actor/actress? Your favorite movie?
I don’t pay much attention to the names. Streep, Hepburn, DiNiro, Dennis Hopper, Depp…minus the pirate junk. Flicks: “Nightmare Before Christmas,” “V for Vendetta,” “Edward Scissorhands,” “Star Trek” (the new one), “X Men.” “Anchor Man” was funny…also Borat was brilliant. I’m not a fan of romantic comedy or horror films.

What is your favorite food? Your favorite restaurant in Charlotte?
Italian; where you put ketchup, I add Italian dressing. Avacodo, greens with vinegar, chocolate, fruits, cheese (though not stinky cheese). I like Dish and Maggies. I try new places.

What is your favorite color?
Ocean waves.

What makes you special?
I am a good listener. I am diplomatic but I am also a straight talker.

How do you define “Pride”?
Freedom to be who you are.

Why is Pride important for Charlotte?
So family and friends can be together and be themselves out in the world. It’s a celebration of humankind.

What motivated you to get involved with Pride Charlotte?
My youth group at church. Many gay friends’ trials and tribulations. Equality seems like an idea whose time has come.

Why do you think it is important to support Pride Charlotte and the LGBT Community Center of Charlotte?
People need to celebrate and to be acknowledged for their good works and talents.

How do you hope to grow personally from your experience working with Pride Charlotte?
I have learned more about working with people of all walks of life. Great networking. Rewarding when people have a good time!

What are your hopes for Pride Charlotte this year?
More people, more money, more fun…more more more!

How would you like to see Pride Charlotte grow in one year? Two years? A decade from now?
Parade! Pride Week! More and more positive media coverage.