Letter to the Editor: Thanks to Pride Charlotte

Pride Charlotte got a shout out and a thank you in The Charlotte Observer‘s letters to the editor on Wednesday. Just as they say they appreciated our efforts to curb our noise during their family funeral, we are just as appreciative of the time they took to say a public thank you.

Thanks to Pride participants for respecting family funeral
The Evans family and St. Peter Catholic Church community would like to express their gratitude for the responsiveness of the Pride Charlotte community, who so promptly and respectfully accommodated the mid-afternoon funeral of Roger Evans on the same day as their downtown festival. Both the music and street noise were curbed during the service and this thoughtful action was sincerely appreciated.
Barbara Evans, Charlotte

Ms. Evans, thank you for your time in writing this letter. The Pride Charlotte organizing committee and the board of The LGBT Community Center of Charlotte are sorry for your family’s loss and happy that we could help in accommodating your family’s needs given the circumstances of our festival’s location on S. Tryon St. and its proximity to the church.

Two other letters to the editor in response to last week’s Pride Charlotte Festival were also printed. Check them out online at charlotteobserver.com/2011/08/31/2566138/the-observer-forum.html.