Our Logo

We are so proud to introduce our new logo to the community in 2020 as we celebrate our 20th annual festival in Uptown Charlotte.

Our logo is an all-around tribute to everything that makes us Charlotte Pride. It draws on our LGBTQ community’s history with the use of the rainbow pride colors that have become synonymous with the LGBTQ community over the past four decades. And it draws on our unique history in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County.

Our logo is:

  • BOLD & MODERN: When you see it, you see it. There’s no mistaking its unique and contemporary shape and colors.
  • TIMELESS: Some of our past logos have relied on artwork inspired by our city’s Uptown skyline. As beautiful as our city is, there’s an obvious problem with basing a logo design on the skyline. As our growing city adds more skyscrapers, the logo gets outdated!
  • ICONIC & HISTORIC: The logo’s primary shapes and colors are inspired by our community’s and city’s history. The rainbow and other color spectrums pay homage to our vibrant, diverse community. The crown and honeycomb directly allude to two of our city’s most iconic and historic associations: The Queen City, named in honor of Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, queen consort of the United Kingdom and the wife of King George III, and the Revolutionary-era reputation the city received from British General Cornwallis as he fled the area after the Battle of Charlotte, remarking that the city was a “hornet’s nest of rebellion.”
  • FLEXIBLE: Over the past 20 years, Charlotte Pride has grown from presenting only the annual festival and parade to organizing and planning a wide variety of community programs, including those for often marginalized and unheard voices. Our new logo’s design allows for a great deal of flexibility and variation, providing recognition and pride for our entire community.

The logo was designed by Charlotte Pride’s Communications Director Matt Comer. Officially approved for use by the Charlotte Pride Board of Directors in December 2019, it made its official public debut on March 1, 2020.

We hope you feel as much pride and inspiration when you see our logo as we often do. With its bold, timeless, and iconic characters, our logo is a testament both to our past and our future.