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About the Charlotte Pride Blog

Digital Story-Telling in a Virtual World

The Charlotte Pride Blog is an extension of Charlotte Pride’s year-round programs, community building, and story-telling efforts — activities that we’d normally be able to share at in-person events and programs throughout the year. Due to the continued COVID-19 pandemic, we are bring this uplifting, inspiring, and empowering story-telling and story-sharing to virtual platforms and further expanding our efforts to share stories and uplift our community in a variety of multimedia channels — all of which we hope will complement Charlotte Pride’s mission to enrich, empower, strengthen, and make visible the unique lives and experiences of LGBTQ people in Charlotte and the Carolinas. Along with continuous online publishing at our blog, we hope you’ll also enjoy a new forth-coming monthly webshow and, as always, our annual printed Charlotte Pride Magazine, as well as other special projects throughout the year.

At our core, Charlotte Pride is a nonprofit community organization that has always been committed to enriching and empowering the lives, voices, and experiences of our diverse LGBTQ community while centering and uplifting the voices of the most marginalized members of our community. Our increased focus on content at the Charlotte Pride Blog and other multimedia platforms expands our organization’s ability to share these stories and experiences in a time — and beyond — when we are prevented from gathering together in person as a community, and will do so through the publication and sharing of diverse perspectives through articles, commentaries, and features in a variety of mediums, including print, online, and audio and video content.

You can contribute to the Charlotte Pride Blog!

Charlotte Pride encourages the submission of community-generated content. We will gladly review the following kinds of submitted content:

Completed submissions: To submit completed works, send your submission via email to Submission does not guarantee publication and all published content must align with our Guiding Principles & Values.

Submission ideas and questions: If you have an idea for a submission or have questions about whether or not your piece of content would align with our Guiding Principles & Values, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your content idea with your further. We can even offer you feedback and advice as you formulate your opinion piece, essay, or news or feature article. Please email to pitch your content idea and we’ll be in touch.

Community-submitted content that is published and is original to Charlotte Pride Magazine may be eligible for an honorarium. Amounts vary.

Our Blog’s Guiding Editorial Principles & Values

Charlotte Pride and all of its programs adhere to our overall organizational values to be Dynamic, Collaborative, Inclusive, and Intentional (click here to read more about our organization’s mission, vision, and values).

Charlotte Pride’s blog and story-telling efforts, in particular, hold to these following guiding and editorial principles and values, which serve as the lens through which all of our content will be created, analyzed, edited, and published:

  • We believe all human beings possess an infinite, intrinsic, and inherent value and worth and, as such, are to be treated with full and unceasing dignity and respect.
  • We embrace an expansive view of the world and reject binaries. We live in a world that is far too complex to ever be accurately described by dichotomies which serve to limit and confine the nuances of our lives. Much as the gender binary is too constraining and simplistic to explain human experiences of gender, so, too, are other binaries — like “for or against,” “good or evil,” and “positive or negative” — to explain other experiences which comprise our rich, vibrant, and complex world.
  • We embrace uncertainty and reject the notion that there are always “two sides to a story.” Just as the world is too complex to be explained in binaries, we believe that many stories, many experiences, and many perspectives are more likely to accurately describe our world than any one or two “sides” or perspectives ever will.
  • We believe that all humans have the immense ability to do good, be better, to learn, and to grow, and, thus, we believe in positive reinforcement, accountability, and encouragement.
  • We believe in community. In building it. Enriching it. Empowering it. Strengthening it. In order to accomplish this goal, we recognize that unity for unity’s sake is limiting and, therefore, always strive for mutual understanding, consensus, and collaboration. We will not allow our differences to divide us, but rather use our differences, as well as our shared commonalities, to increase our understanding of each other and our commitment to building a better, more just, and more equitable community for all.

Examples of the kinds of content Charlotte Pride SHares

Charlotte Pride utilizes our staff, freelance writers, community contributors, and volunteers to publish and produce a variety of content, including:

  • Timely and relevant news of importance to the local LGBTQ community
  • Features exploring in-depth topics and current events impacting the LGBTQ community
  • Features highlighting and spotlighting the wide range of talents in LGBTQ arts and culture
  • Features celebrating the good works and wonderful accomplishments of LGBTQ community members
  • Commentaries and features exploring the lives and uplifting the voices of the most marginalized members of the LGBTQ community
  • Commentaries, personal essays, and other first-person content that asks us to explore ourselves, our community, and our world
  • Creative expressions of a variety of artistic endeavors, including short stories, poetry, visual art, and more
  • News and updates on Charlotte Pride programs, projects, and events, as well as spotlights on members of the Charlotte Pride team