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About the Relief Program

The Charlotte Pride Relief Program is intended to act as a bridge to help our community handle lapses in funding and support as they navigate the COVID-19 crisis. At the core of our organization’s mission is community. We want to be able to support our community as much as we are able during this time of need.

Charlotte Pride has created this unique fund to offer direct support for our LGBTQ community in Charlotte. Many other funds and organizations have created COVID-19 relief programs, but few of these programs have been exclusively available to uplift and support LGBTQ individuals.

As we know, LGBTQ folks — particularly those in poverty, who are black/brown or trans/gender-nonconforming — are more likely to work a variety of jobs that have been affected. As such, this fund is directly intended to help uplift and protect those individuals.

Click here to read our press release announcing the new program.

How Much are the small grants?

We are awarding small grants of $100 to individuals. These small grants are intended to be used for emergency financial assistance and funds may be used for any variety of needs, including rent/housing, utilities, food/groceries, transportation, medical/health needs, or any other personal need of the applicant.

Who is eligible

To ensure that this funding goes to those who most need it, we have developed a list of criteria that must be met for eligibility for this relief program.

Applicants must:

  • Identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or in some other way as a member of the LGBTQ+ community
    • The LGBTQ community, and especially those who are black, brown, and/or trans/GNC, have been hit harder by this crisis than some other communities. More LGBTQ folks are servers, gig/entertainment workers, sex workers, or independent contractors than the general population.
  • Reside in Mecklenburg County
  • Have been un- or under-employed due to COVID-19 crisis
    • Those who have lost a full or part time job or had a reduction in hours greater than 5 hours/week are eligible.
  • Have a PayPal account for receipt of funding
    • To ensure quick and effective delivery of funding, applicants will be awarded their relief funding through PayPal. We apologize that we are unable to offer other methods of delivery.

How to apply

Any eligible individual can apply using this application:
Round Two applications are now open: Click here to apply

Application Periods and Funds Disbursement Timeline

Applications will be accepted in two application periods:

  • Period One: Applications open on July 20, 10am, and remain open until 75 applications are received or until July 26, whichever comes first
  • Period Two: Applications open on August 3, 10am, and remain open until 75 applications* are received or until August 9, whichever comes first

Applications will be reviewed within two days of receipt, at which time funds will be disbursed as soon as practicable after an application is approved. Any remaining funds from Period One will be rolled into Period Two.

* The number of small grants we are able to distribute will depend on the number of additional donors we receive. All additional donations will be added to Period Two and may increase the total number of payments we are able to disburse at that time. If you’re interested in supporting this program with a donation, please click here to offer a contribution or use the form below.

Donate to Support this Program

For those who have the means, your donation to support the new Charlotte Pride COVID-19 Relief Program will increase the total number of individual payments we are able to grant as emergency financial assistance to LGBTQ community members.

Individuals, Nonprofits, companies, and other organizations that would like to contribute amounts of $500 or more, please contact Jerry Yelton at