Meeting & Event Space


Charlotte Pride is committed to our mission to enrich, empower, strengthen and make visible LGBTQ people in Charlotte and the Carolinas. As part of this mission, Charlotte Pride offers use of its office space for meetings and events to other LGBTQ non-profit and community organizations.

Charlotte Pride’s office includes approximately 2,000 square feet of meeting, conference and activity space, at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church. This full-time office offers Charlotte Pride volunteers a secure space in which to hold regular planning sessions, store important organization documents and collaborate within the organization among our various committees and in the community with other organizations whose activities we support or with which we partner.

LGBTQ non-profits and community organizations can reserve meeting and event space in the Charlotte Pride offices. Event and meeting space is prioritized for Charlotte Pride activities, as well as for our collaborative projects and partners.

Available amenities include:

  • Large Conference Room: Accommodates up to 14 people, including internet-enabled audio/visual equipment.
  • Small Conference Room: Accommodates up to 10 people; TV with HDMI cord available.
  • Lounge: Accommodates up to 20 people in a relaxed, “living room” atmosphere, including internet-enabled audio/visual equipment.

Request Meeting & Event Space:

Click here to request meeting or event space.

See below for more policies and regulations. A full copy of our meeting and event space policy can be sent to activity organizers upon request.

Policies & Regulations


Use of meeting or event space by outside organizations is limited to up to two meeting spaces in a single time period and cannot conflict with any Charlotte Pride events or scheduled meetings. Priority shall be given to the Charlotte Pride board and its committees and any other Charlotte Pride sponsored or partnering organizations or events. An internal calendar of Charlotte Pride-related meetings will be kept at the Charlotte Pride offices.

Activity Requests:

Organizations can book rooms not otherwise booked for Charlotte Pride-related activities with at least two weeks written request by completing an online meeting request form. Confirmation of meeting or event space booking will be returned within three business days of form submission. This notification requirement can be waived at the sole discretion of Charlotte Pride.


Before requesting space, organizations must first identify a Charlotte Pride board member, staff person or office key-holder who will agree to sponsor the organization’s use of the space. The board member, staff or key-holder will serve as a liaison between the organization and Charlotte Pride. Organizations should identify this sponsor in its request for use of space.

Rental Fees & Meeting/Event Policies:

MEETINGS: Organizations will be offered meeting space free of charge when organizations request space during times in which Charlotte Pride board members or other staff are regularly scheduled to be present at the Charlotte Pride offices, notwithstanding any other limitations contained within this policy. These times may vary; please consult on these times when booking your meeting space. When board members or staff are not scheduled to be present, and an organization’s use of the space requires the presence of a board member or staff member who would not otherwise be present in the space, organizations will be asked to remit a $20 per hour donation to Charlotte Pride; any portion of an hour will incur a $20 fee. These fees maybe waived by Charlotte Pride co-directors if the organization’s Charlotte Pride sponsor volunteers to be present during the times at which the organization will meet.

EVENTS: Activities with attendance of 20 or more people will be classified as a special event and will incur a rental fee of $20 per hour. Use of space for special events will be granted on a case-by-case basis. These fees may be waived by Charlotte Pride co-directors.

FOOD AND BEVERAGES: Meeting organizers may provide light snacks or refreshments to their guests, but are required to properly maintain the meeting space and clean up any trash or debris following their meeting.

STAFF AND FACILITY REQUIREMENTS: Organizations using meeting or event space are required to properly dispose of any trash. Meeting and event space must be returned to a clean and orderly state. Charlotte Pride board or staff are not responsible for event staffing needs; Charlotte Pride is obligated only to provide one Charlotte Pride board member or staff person to allow access to and from the event space. Organizations will not be granted access to Charlotte Pride computers, printers, kitchen supplies (plates, cups, napkins, etc.) or other materials or supplies.

ACCESS: Charlotte Pride has the right to refuse access to any organization, meeting or event for any purpose.