NERP-POSE Conference Workshops

Charlotte Pride invites you to submit proposals and ideas for workshops at the NERP-POSE Conference hosted in Charlotte, NC, March 19-22, 2020.

Workshop proposals will be accepted through November 30, 2019, with rolling acceptances and notifications. Final notifications will be sent by December 31, 2019.

Workshop Ideas
We welcome submission of ideas and thoughts for workshops our conference team should consider and plan. Anyone can submit a workshop idea; you do not have to plan or intend to present this workshop yourself.

Full Workshop Proposals
Choose this option if you plan on presenting a workshop yourself. Your proposal should be as full and complete as possible at the time of submission.

A few notes and considerations:

  • Workshop proposals from a variety of perspectives and experiences will be equally considered, though special consideration will be given to outstanding proposals for new and diverse workshop ideas.
  • The conference will be attended by a wide variety of Pride organizations from across the East Coast; as you plan your workshop, try to think about the ways you can make your presentation equally valuable for Pride organizations of varying sizes, histories, and experiences.
  • If you are planning a panel discussion or multi-presenter workshop, try to identify a diverse slate of panelists and presenters from a variety of diverse backgrounds, as well as from different Pride organizations. Providing workshop attendees with varying and diverse viewpoints and perspectives will make your workshop more collaborative and more valuable.

Conference tracks:
Workshop sessions will be categorized into three tracks. When you submit your proposal, you will be asked to identify the track your workshop should be assigned.

  1. Internal: Topics concerning internal or inward-facing organizational operations, like volunteer recruitment/engagement/management, finance management, board development, organization/event insurance, strategic planning, etc.
  2. External: Topics concerning organizations’ external or outward-facing operations, like sponsorship outreach and development, cross-organization collaborations and partnerships, media and marketing, government relations, etc.
  3. Social Justice: Topics concerning a wide range of intersectional social justice issues and emerging topics in LGBTQ community organizing and Pride programming/activities.

Workshop levels:
Because the conference will be attended by a wide variety of organizations, we want to make it easier for attendees to choose workshops which best align with their current skills and expertise. When you submit your proposal, you will be asked to identify which of the following skill levels your workshop should be assigned.

  • Beginner: Introductory workshops with a “101”-type flair. Examples: “The History of the Pride Movement,” “LGBTQ Terminology 101.”
  • Intermediate: Workshops which begin to delve into more particular details about two or three topics. Examples: “Does My Organization Need Employees?”, “Refining Our Organization’s Mission, Vision, and Values.”
  • Advanced: Workshops which take a deep dive into the fine details of a single topic, mostly relying on prior knowledge or experience of higher-level concepts or designed for organizations which already have strong organizational policies, practices, board development, or employees. Examples: “Creating a Long-range Organizational Strategic Plan,” “Investments and Endowments: A Primer for Nonprofit Organizations.”

If you have any questions regarding this workshop proposal process, please email us at