Charlotte Pride Online Events and Programs


Charlotte Pride is committed to ensuring continued engagement, visibility, and community programing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some ways you can join in and connect with our digital community!

Creating and Building Community through the COVID-19 Crisis

Charlotte Pride’s new Facebook group: LGBTQ Charlotte – Queerantine Edition

Join Charlotte Pride’s new Facebook group for community connection, support, and engagement!

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Community news and commentary

Keeping our community informed, up-to-date, and entertained!

We are rolling out increased news and commentary coverage for our local LGBTQ community in Charlotte and the Carolinas, as part of our new online programming during the COVID-19 crisis. Charlotte Pride is committed to ensuring our community has the most up-to-date and accurate information during this time, so we are sharing and documenting the stories and experiences of our community. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter and bookmark our website’s news section to get the latest updates.

Facebook Live Broadcasts
Mark your calendars!

We’re rolling out a series of Facebook Live Broadcasts. We can’t host in-person community events, but that’s not going to stop us from delivering some fun, engaging, and quality community programming on a regular basis every single week! 

*unless otherwise noted below

Upcoming Scheduled Facebook Live Broadcasts:

June 10, 5pm
Pride in the Queen City: A Live Conversation with Charlotte Black Pride and Charlotte Pride Leaders
June is Pride Month! Time to celebrate! Let’s kick things off with a special conversation with local Pride leaders! Join Charlotte Black Pride and Charlotte Pride on Wednesday, June 3, 6pm, for a special conversation with Charlotte Black Pride Chair Shann Fulton (they/them) and Charlotte Pride President Daniel Valdez (he/him). Shann and Daniel will discuss updates from both of our organizations, as well as their experience as leaders in the Pride movement. What inspired them to get involved? What does Pride mean to them? How does their experience as leaders of color shape their leadership in their organizations and other nonprofit and community spaces? Why is Pride still important for our community today? How can we all collectively celebrate and commemorate Pride in the continued face of the COVID-19 crisis? These questions and more! Join us! Join us for this special livestream event simulcast on both the Charlotte Pride Facebook page ( and Charlotte Black Pride Facebook page (


June 10, 6pm
Pride Across Carolina: A Special Statewide Conversation
What better time than during Pride Month to host this very special statewide conversation on the state of North Carolina’s Pride Movement, from the mountains to the coast! Hosted by Charlotte Pride as part of our regular weekly Wednesday livestreams, we’ll be joined by representatives and leaders from several other Pride organizations of varying sizes and experiences across the state. Participating leaders and organizations to be announced soon! Join us Wednesday, June 10, 6-7pm on Charlotte Pride’s Facebook page at


June 17, 6pm
The Women of Pride: A Conversation with Women Leaders in the Pride Movement
Charlotte Pride continues its virtual celebration of Pride Month with a very special live conversation with women leaders from a variety of different Pride organizations from Charlotte and beyond! Join us on Wednesday, June 17, 6-7pm, for this live conversation on the Charlotte Pride Facebook page at Participating panelists will be announced soon!


June 24, 6pm
The Legacy of Stonewall: A Conversation with Movement Leaders
Charlotte Pride is celebrating and commemorating Pride Month all month long with our weekly Wednesday live broadcasts! On the last Wednesday of June, join us for a very special live conversation with a variety of movement leaders in Charlotte and beyond as we discuss the meaning and legacy of Stonewall today. Participating leaders to be announced soon! Mark your calendars for this online conversation, June 24, 6-7pm, on Charlotte Pride’s Facebook page at


In July, we’ll continue our weekly Wednesday livestreams and explore the following topics and conversations: The Criminal Justice System and Reform, LGBTQ Youth and Elders, Local LGBTQ-affirming Interfaith Programs, and more!

Past Broadcasts:

If a livestream has already occurred, click the link in the title to watch it or read the accompanying blog post!

March 27, 6pm
Queerantine Live! — A Staff Welcome and Q&A for our New Online Programs
Join Charlotte Pride staffers Jerry Yelton, Nada Merghani, and Matt Comer for a welcome and Q&A for our upcoming online programs and events. We’ll give an overview of what to expect over the next several weeks and you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions!

April 1, 6pm
Queering the 2020 Census: Your LGBTQ Questions Answered
On this Facebook Live broadcast, Charlotte Pride Communications Director Matt Comer invites you to learn more about the 2020 U.S. Census. Come with your questions and concerns as you listen to a brief overview and get answers to questions specifically for LGBTQ people and other marginalized and historically undercounted groups like immigrants and people of color.

April 8, 6pm
Dinner Date With Nada: Discussion of Black Queer Life
Cook a meal with Nada, Charlotte Pride’s Programs Associate, and discuss the experience of black queerness in the South and beyond. You can also take this time to ask any questions you may have related to diversity and inclusion or Trans Pride, Women’s Pride, and/or Latinx Pride.

April 15, 6pm
Exploring Charlotte’s LGBTQ Community & Pride History
On this Facebook Live broadcast, Charlotte Pride Communications Director Matt Comer explores an overview of Charlotte’s LGBTQ community history, including the history of Pride events and movements in the Queen City. Take a trip into the past and explore some of Charlotte’s first and major LGBTQ events and organizations, advocacy efforts, news-media, and more! We’ll also be exploring a bit of broader regional North Carolina history, as well!

May 6, 6pm
Guys, Gals, and Nonbinary Pals: What Is Nonbinary?
Join nonbinary-identified Charlotte Pride staffer, Jerry Yelton, as they walk you through some nonbinary language 101, answer some frequently asked questions, debunk some common myths about nonbinary identities, and take you through some historical context surrounding the prevalence of nonbinary folks throughout history. Nonbinary and trans folks are welcome, and allies are highly encouraged to join for this conversation. Take this as an opportunity to ask questions, learn stories, and understand another component of our LGBTQ community.

May 10, 5pm
Live Q&A with actors Ben Baur & Lucas Drummond
As part of Reel Out Charlotte’s LGBTQ Shorts Showcase: Stay-At-Home Edition (May 7-11), we take to Facebook Live to interview Ben Baur, actor in the short film “Next Level Shit,” and Lucas Drummond, actor, writer, and producer of the short film “After That Party,” both featured in our special online-only shorts showcase!

May 13, 6pm
Let’s Talk About Bisexuality: Myths & Misconceptions 
Charlotte Pride Programs Associate and local bisexual Nada Merghani, along with friend Druzy, breaks down several popular and long-held myths about bisexuality, why they exist, and how individuals outside the bi community can stop perpetuating these beliefs.

May 20, 6pm
RAIN’s Virtual AIDS Walk Charlotte
Join us for a Q&A with Nathan Smith, vice president of philanthropy, at RAIN as we talk their Virtual AIDS Walk Charlotte being held in May, as well as other updates and topics of interest from RAIN, one of Charlotte’s premier HIV/AIDS service organizations!

May 27, 11am (Rebroadcast, 6pm)
A Conversation with Author Lexie Bean
We’ll host a Q&A and live reading with young adult novelist Lexie Bean, who’s new book, “The Ship We Built,” gets released on May 26. Lexie Bean is a queer and trans multimedia artist from the Midwest whose work revolves around themes of bodies, homes, cyclical violence, and LGBTQIA+ identity. Lexie is a Lambda Literary Award Finalist and passionate about creating honest and complex trans narratives that “transition and grow” alongside them.

Want to join in? Be sure to like our page on Facebook and hop over there a few minutes before each scheduled broadcast!

Please Note: Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to offer live broadcasts with simultaneous captioning or ASL interpretation. We will post a written version of our topic discussion on our website the morning following each broadcast and also enable Facebook’s auto-generated captioning once this live broadcast has concluded.

Community Webinars

FREE and digital continuing education opportunities for Pride organizers and nonprofit leaders, community leaders, and community members! See a webinar that interests you? Be sure to register! 

May 28, 2-2:45pm
Financial First Aid
There are many circumstances in life that can destroy even the best money management plan. A job loss, unplanned medical expenses, or other personal crisis can financially devastate a family. This webinar focuses on regaining control of your financial situation through careful financial assessment, expense prioritization, and effective negotiation with creditors. Join Charlotte Pride for this special free webinar hosted by and in partnership with our sponsor Truliant Federal Credit Union. Register for free via Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive information on how to join the online conference.


Crisis Communications – COVID-19 & Beyond
COVID-19 has unleashed a challenging time for all Pride organizers around the globe. Difficult decisions need to be made and those decisions need to be communicated effectively by Pride organizers as they navigate the crisis. This will be a 45-minute session, with 15 minutes for Q&A. The webinar will help assess your preparedness in dealing with the crisis and planning your messaging with tips and examples. A version of this workshop was originally slated for the 2020 NERP-POSE Conference to be hosted by Charlotte Pride in Charlotte, NC, March 19-22, 2020. Charlotte Pride would like to acknowledge the generosity of Casswood a Fournier Group brokerage, Jersey Pride, and Brooklyn Pride for their support after the conference was cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak.
This event has already passed. If you are interested in seeing the webinar presentation, please email

Pride IS Political: How Pride and other LGBTQ nonprofits can effectively advocate for the communities during and after COVID-19
The COVID-19 crisis will force many of our nonprofits, including Pride organizations, to become more actively involved in advocating for the needs of their communities. But many nonprofit leaders believe their organizations are prohibited from engaging in advocacy efforts or political activities. That is not necessarily true. This webinar will outline the various ways nonprofits can indeed be active in political advocacy efforts and dive into some of the specific requirements you need to think about as a tax-exempt, nonpartisan 501(c)3 organization. We’ll also briefly discuss different kinds of nonprofit organizational structures like 501(c)4’s and political action groups. We’ll cover the basics of what nonprofit organizations are allowed to do, how, when, and to what extent, as well as what it means to engage in “nonpartisan” political activities. With specific guidance of concern to U.S.-based nonprofit organizations, this webinar is perfect for Pride organizations and all other kinds of LGBTQ community groups. Presented in partnership with InterPride and USAP, a version of this workshop was originally slated for the 2020 NERP-POSE Conference to be hosted by Charlotte Pride in Charlotte, N.C., March 19-22, 2020. Charlotte Pride would like to acknowledge the generosity of Casswood, a Fournier Group brokerage, Jersey Pride, and Brooklyn Pride for their support after the conference was cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak.
This event has already passed. If you are interested in seeing the webinar presentation, please email


Digital Trans Day of Visibility

Hosted online March 31, 2020!

In partnership with Transcend Charlotte and Gender Education Network, we’re compiling brief stories and photos from our awesome trans and GNC community to create a digital campaign that shows nothing (not even COVID-19) can stop us from making our beautiful trans and GNC community visible!

Click here to see the full compilation of our online digital Trans Day of Visibility!

Spring Spotlight: A Week of LGBTQ Art & Entertainment

May 18-23, 2020

Our Spring Spotlight: A Week of Local Queer Art & Entertainment, was held May 18-23, supporting local LGBTQ artists and entertainers during COVID-19! Each evening, we featured a variety of local artists from different genres each night, with the ability for you to directly send them donations and tips.