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You can plan a watch party event with friends at home or at a local establishment for all of our upcoming live broadcasts, including:

Charlotte Pride Drag Pageant
Friday, Oct. 22, 8-10pm

Charlotte Pridestream
Saturday, Oct. 23, 7-10pm

Charlotte Pride Interfaith Service
Sunday, Oct. 24, 6pm

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All private events among friends and family are highly encouraged to require masking, vaccination, or proof of negative test. Any watch parties planned at public establishments are REQUIRED by government mandate. We highly encourage all watch parties to be limited in size and require social distancing.

Watch Party Hosting Tips

Planning a watch party for one of Charlotte Pride’s special live broadcasts is just as easy and as fun as hosting a watch party with your friends for any kind of televised or broadcast event! Just like sporting events, awards shows, or even RuPaul’s Drag Race! Ha!

Keep these tips in mind when planning your watch party:

1. Get organized! You can ensure your event goes off without a hitch by sitting down and making sure you’re well-organized. Create a detailed to-do list so you don’t forget anything along the way. Do this before you event send out event invitations so you know you’ll have all your ducks in a row.

2. Send out your invites. A successful watch party requires having a good group of friends, family, or community members with you! Be sure to actively reach out to your guests and send them an invite, whether that be in person, via email, on Facebook, or elsewhere. If you’re requiring that people get tickets or are reserving their space, you’ll definitely want to spend time sending out invitations. Getting out invitations and requesting RSVPs also helps you know how many people to expect at your watch party!

3. Get your home/venue prepared. Make sure your home (or your event venue) is ready for guests. Get all clean and tidied up, and be sure you have plenty of COVID-safe materials at the ready, including hand sanitizer and face masks.

4. It’s Pride! So decorate! What good is any Pride party without some rainbow! Pull out all the stops and deck your halls with plenty of Pride gear and decorations!

5. Prepare your food and drinks. No one likes to be rushing around and getting all sweaty and tired before the party event starts! So, get your food, snacks, and drinks prepared in advance of your watch party. Make sure your fridge or cooler is stocked the day before, when you’ll also want to go grocery shopping. Prep your snacks in the morning, and then save yourself some time to get all dressed and ready! Everyone loves a fabulous party host!

6. Be sure to test your video and audio equipment. Leave plenty of time in the days before your event to make sure your internet, TV, and other audio/video equipment is working perfectly! (Stay tuned: We’ll have special tech tips coming out soon, too!)

7. Have spaces for watching and socializing. Not all guests will want to watch the entirety of the event. So, create a special place outside or in another room where guests can mix and mingle without disturbing those who are watching.

8. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy yourself! Part of the fun of a watch party is being able to have fun yourself! A fun, well-rested host makes parties that much more enjoyable. Don’t take all the responsibility on yourself. Get some friends to help you set up, staff, and tear down your watch party!

Watch Party Hosting Tips for Businesses

Check out these watch party planning tips specifically for businesses!

1. Register your watch party with us and we’ll help promote! Register your party using the button above!

2. Advertise your watch party event! Create a simple social graphic to share on social media, create a poster to hang in your business where regular patrons can see it, make a Facebook event, and add the event to your calendar or email newsletter!

3. Advertise a drink or food special! Attract customers with a special!

4. Ensure you have the right equipment — and it’s not as difficult as you might think! All you need is an internet-connected large-screen smart TV or a computer connected to a projector and a projector screen!

5. Turn on the broadcast at the right time, and start your watch party!