2019 Bank of America Charlotte Pride Parade

Photo Credit: Jennifer Hogan (HoganImaging.com)

The seventh annual Bank of America Charlotte Pride Parade will be held on Sunday, Aug. 18, 2019, 1-3 p.m. on N. Tryon St. in Uptown Charlotte during the two-day Charlotte Pride Festival, Saturday, Aug. 17 and Sunday, Aug. 18, 2019.

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2019 Parade Emcees

Delighted Toberehere

Delighted Tobehere’s entertainment career began February 2001 where she performed alongside The Armorettes – “The Infamous Camp Drag Queens of the South” – in the legendary nightclub Backstreet Atlanta. Since her momentous first performance, she has been a tour de force in the drag scene both on-stage and behind the scenes.

Delighted Tobehere was named as one of the funniest drag queens in America by the Huffington Post, and the internationally celebrated comedian Pam Ann says that she is “hysterical!”

In 2015, Delighted debuted on NBC’s America’s Got Talent to rave reviews and 4 Yes votes from the judges: “I loved the entire performance” – Howard Stern, and “[Delighted] just became the first country music dragstar!” – Howie Mandel.

A self described “Queen of all Trades,” Delighted combines celebrity illusion, vocal impressions, live vocals, lip sync, comedy, intelligence, and quick wit to wow audiences from corporate functions to pride festivals.

Delighted’s feature celebrity illusion is none other than Adele. London’s QX Magazine says that her impersonation is “something that has to be seen to be believed!” and Boy George said that it was “perfection!”

It’s not just about laughter. Anyone who has attended Delighted’s shows in the last few years, seen her TEDx talk, heard her speak at a university campus, or been an invited guest at one of her lectures has experienced what she considers her personal mission: “Encouraging self-discovery and acceptance of others through the lens of drag through laughter and thought provoking entertainment.”

Delighted continues to hear from those attending her shows, lectures, and speaking engagements who found clarity when their world was out of focus. Often they report having had revelations and “ah-ha” moments on how they view themselves and the world.

Hailing from the Carolinas, her southern upbringing lends a charm to her performances that makes everyone feel comfortable and welcomed, even in her new home of New York City! Within her first two months of living in The Big Apple, Delighted won the titles of “New York’s Best In Drag” and a live singing drag queen competition called “Sing, Queen!,” as well as securing weekly residencies at local nightclubs. She has performed over 100 shows in both London and LA and travels extensively across the nation.

Delighted was featured in the New York Times for her work as a top Broadway style live singing drag queen, and she has also performed two solo cabaret shows – High Heels and Low Notes, and Broadway Life Hacks – at New York City’s legendary Feinstein’s/54 Below, a cabaret space in the basement of the famed Studio 54.

In 2016, Delighted formed a relationship with Act II Stages in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, performing her live singing one-woman shows annually in residency in their Red Room Cabaret.

Delighted tours internationally with her featured cabarets DRAG 101, DIVARIETY (with Gigi Monroe), SIMPLY DELIGHTED, SHE HAW, and DELIGHTED’S DRAG BRUNCH.

You can follow Delighted Tobehere on social media @QueenDelighted (IG, Twitter, YouTube) and Like her on Facebook! You’ll be DELIGHTED you did!


Malachi is a tour-de-force performer, musician, and comedian that originally hails from Charlotte, NC and currently resides in Atlanta, GA. Having performed locally for many years in small local bars and clubs, it was Charlotte Pride 2013 where he received his largest audience that really propelled him into dedicating his life to being a true masterclass entertainer. What started with nervous performances of LGBT-themed song parodies wearing shredded blue jeans and Timberland boots quickly evolved into a headlining career that showcases gender-bending performances of exhilaration, confidence, and finesse.

It wasn’t always an easy path for Malachi on his journey to establish himself as a unique act in a world where “drag” can oftentimes have a rather narrow definition. Many clubs aren’t always receptive to unproven, new acts that shake-up the status quo. He didn’t perform touting huge wigs or elaborate ball gowns. He didn’t lipsynch to timeless ballads by Whitney Houston or rely on effortless death-drops to astonish the crowds. How were promoters going to market this individual? Will gay bars even go for someone who sings live and doesn’t sashay around in heels? Fortunately, through much persistence (and strong audience reaction), Malachi’s performances quickly gained a cult following within the Charlotte LGBT-community and he soon started receiving regular bookings to energize the crowds in ways that few other local performers could match. Featuring an amalgamation of singing, comedy and engaging audience participation eventually solidified his position as a community staple. Malachi’s live performances weren’t just something to be witnessed – they had to be experienced.

However despite his many successes in the Charlotte region, this wasn’t the end of the journey for Malachi. Encouraged to branch out and try a new market to really push himself outside his comfort zone, Malachi relocated to Atlanta in the summer of 2017. With the support and mentorship of the Atlanta LGBT community, it was in Georgia that he really blossomed into the performer that we have today serving you the most incredible looks, body, and voice with unparalleled fierceness.

And if you see him and perhaps ask REALLY nicely, he still might just whip out those Timberland boots.


2019 Parade Grand Marshals

Charlotte Black Pride

Founded in 2005 by Damon Blackmon, Jermaine Nakia Lee, Monica Simpson and Korey Handy, Charlotte Black Pride is a local non-profit organization consisting of volunteers interested in promoting a positive image of LGBTQ people of color. The vision of Charlotte Black Pride is to empower the hearts, minds and spirits of all LGBTQ people, while embracing diversity, uplifting the community, and working to bring social change.

From its first event 15 years — attracting 7,000 patrons from all over the Carolinas and the Southeast — Charlotte Black Pride has continued to reach more members of the African-American LGBTQIA community and its allies. Average attendance at Charlotte Black Pride events has grown to 25,000 people each year.

The LGBTQ Community continues to grow in prominence & visibility throughout Mecklenburg County and the state of North Carolina, especially in the African-American community. In 2017, the Black LGBTQ-focused, Center for Black Equity recognized The Queen City as one of the top five cities for Black LGBTQ growth & prosperity. Charlotte Black Pride’s mission is to promote LGBTQ Pride primarily for, but not limited to, members of the Black community. It does so while building social awareness, embracing spirituality and celebrating the diversity that exists within the community.

The Hon. John S. Arrowood

Judge John S. Arrowood (he/him/his) was the first openly LGBTQ person to win a statewide race in the South when he won his race to remain on the North Carolina Court of Appeals in 2018.

Judge Arrowood is a North Carolina native. After obtaining his law degree at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, he clerked, and served as a staff attorney and head of the Court of Appeals Central Staff. He then relocated to Charlotte, where for a total of 26 years he practiced with the firm of James, McElroy & Diehl, P.A. doing complex civil litigation, employment and administrative law.

Judge Arrowood was initially appointed as a Special Superior Court Judge in 2007 by Gov. Michael Easley. Later that year Gov. Easley appointed him to the Court of Appeals. When Judge Arrowood lost his election to retain the seat, he returned to his old firm.

In 2017, Gov. Roy Cooper reappointed Judge Arrowood to the Court of Appeals. In 2018, he was elected to a full eight year term and was the leading vote-getter in the state.

Judge Arrowood has served as the Chair of the Equality NC PAC, served for many years on the board of the Gay and Lesbian (now LGBTQ) Victory Institute, and serves on the board of One Victory.


Parade Quick FAQ

When is the parade?
August 18, 2019 – from 1pm to 3pm Staging times will vary and will be posted at a later date. You should expect to be onsite for staging and lineup beginning at 11am.

Are there any awards for parade participants?
Charlotte Pride will be presenting awards in the following categories:
• Best Float Design (Overall Float Design)
• Most Entertaining (Choreography/Dancing, Entertainment, etc.)
• Rainbow Award (Most Colorful)

When will I find out where I am in the parade lineup?
The final lineup will be released at the mandatory Parade Orientation Meeting (see below).

When and where does my parade entry need to arrive on parade day?
All this will be covered at the mandatory Parade Orientation Meeting.

What is the mandatory Parade Orientation Meeting, and why am I required to attend?
The Parade Orientation Meeting is a mandatory meeting for all parade entries. At this meeting, the Parade Committee will be discussing check in procedures, covering the parade rules and regulations, and providing an overview of the parade and what you can expect. Here we will present the final lineup along with your parade credentials. Please note that it is required that at least one member of your parade contingent be present at this meeting or complete the online webinar and quiz. This year’s Mandatory Parade Orientation Meetings will be held on July 27, 2019 at 1pm. This meeting will be held at the Charlotte Pride Offices at 1900 The Plaza (Holy Trinity Lutheran Church).

Where do I park for the parade?
Charlotte Pride does not provide parking for the festival or parade. There are a number of public parking decks and lots, as well as on street parking available within easy walking distance of the parade staging area and along the parade route. Please make sure you adhere to all City parking rules and regulations. Charlotte Center City Partners has a useful parking map that we recommend utilizing: http://www.charlottecentercity.org/transportation/parking/

Click here to see our full Parade Frequently Asked Questions…

Parade Applications

Applications have reopened until June 21st for this year’s 2019 Bank of America Charlotte Pride Parade.

Parade applications are closed.
Charlotte Pride is excited to host another historic Pride parade in Uptown Charlotte, and we’re happy to report that our parade line-up is at capacity. We are no longer accepting any additional parade entries.

Parade Application Notifications & Deadlines

Beginning in February, participants will be notified on the last day of the month, as long as their application was received by the 15th of that month.

Notification Deadlines and Dates:
Submission by Feb. 15 – Notice by Feb. 28
Submission by March 15 – Notice by March 31
Submission by April 15 – Notice by April 30
Submission by May 15 – Notice by May 31
Submission by June 1 – Notice by June 15
Submission by June 21 (Final Deadline) – Notice by July 12


Please do not email requesting status updates before your submission notice date. If you have not been contacted by your appropriate notification date, please email parade@charlottepride.org.

Mandatory Parade Participant Meeting

The Parade Orientation Meeting is a mandatory meeting for all parade entries. At this meeting, the Parade Committee will be discussing check in procedures, covering the parade rules and regulations, and providing an overview of the parade and what you can expect. Here we will present the final lineup along with your parade credentials. Please note that it is required that at least one member of your parade contingent be present at this meeting or complete the online webinar and quiz. This year’s Mandatory Parade Orientation Meetings will be held on July 27, 2019 at 1pm. This meeting will be held at the Charlotte Pride Offices at 1900 The Plaza, Charlotte, NC 28205 (Holy Trinity Lutheran Church).

Parade FAQs & Resources

Parade Frequently Asked Questions
Parade Rules & Regulations
Parade Group Release

Past Parade Photos

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Learn more: Participating in The Parade

A parade entry can be an individual or group who participates in the Bank of America Charlotte Pride Parade. Entries can be groups of individuals with their own theme, set, cast, sound and scenario. Art meets social commentary in the back of a truck, on motorcycles or marching along Tryon Street. Whatever your entry may be, it should openly display something: showing yourself off, displaying your ideals, recognizing your friends or making a statement against discrimination and bigotry — all done with a sense of artistic flair in full public view.

Examples and Ideas for Charlotte Pride Parade Entries:

  • Parade Entries can be individuals or groups of individuals;
  • Parade Entries can be motorcycles, cars, trucks, flat bed trucks, decorated in a festive manner that represents your group, business, or makes a social statement;
  • Parade Entries can be marching bands, street performers, dance groups, or a festive theme;
  • Parade Entries can be artistic and showcase the ideas of your group;
  • Parade Entries can be colorful, entertaining, and display community achievement and pride;
  • Parade Entries can represent Charlotte, the Carolinas, sports, tourism, health, prosperity, entertainment and/or the arts;
  • Parade Entries can promote worthy causes in a creative, crowd-pleasing way;
  • Parade Entries can represent the wide cultural diversity of the region.

Parade Resources

Float Building Handbook:
Click here to download this handy float-building handbook from VictoryCorps.com (PDF).

North Carolina Float-Building Companies

Other Resources and Float Materials

How to Build a Float Resources