Welcome to the 12th annual Reel Out Charlotte, the Queen City’s Annual LGBTQ Film Festival. This year, we’re going all virtual! Grab your favorite sweater, make some home-made popcorn, and curl up on the couch for 11 feature films and 10 shorts you can watch at your own leisure. Like any other year, we’re also planning a series of special events, including our annual LGBTQ Shorts Night!

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Feature Films

All We’ve Got

All We’ve Got is a personal exploration of LGBTQ women’s communities, cultures, and social justice work through the lens of the spaces they create, from bars to bookstores to arts and political hubs. And it comes at a time when many of those spaces are closing.

Director: Alexis Clements
Runtime: 1:07:00
United States, 2019

Changing the Game

This intimate story takes us into the lives of three high school athletes from across the US – all at different stages of their athletic seasons, each sharing their lives as transgender teens.

Director: Michael Barnett
Runtime: 1:30:00
United States, 2019

Defiant Souls


A gender-breaking drama set in the late 18th century, based on a true story of most scandalous trial of Cuban colonial history. Enrique Faber, a Swiss surgeon, lands in Cuba in search for his son. One night, he comes across four men sent by a slave trader. They undress him and discover that Enrique is a woman. Enrique is thrown into jail, tried and convicted for wanting to accomplish that which men around her so freely could take for granted.

Directors: Laura Cazador, Fernando Pérez
Runtime: 1:34:00
Cuba, 2019
Spanish with English subtitles

Evening Shadows

In a small town in Southern India that lives within a cocoon of traditions and social morality, when a young gay man Kartik, comes out to his mother Vasudha, her entire world comes crashing down. She has no one to turn to dispel her fears and doubts, to understand her loving son’s truth. Moreover as a woman, trapped within a patriarchal conservative society, her biggest challenge is to deal with her dogmatic husband Damodar, and the conservative society around her. ‘Evening Shadows’ is a universal story about a mother-son bonding and its emotional strength to withstand the ravages of time and harsh realities.

Director: Sridhar Rangayan
Runtime: 1:42:00
India, 2018
Hindi with English subtitles

From Zero to I Love You

Darryl Stephens plays Pete Logsdon-just a guy in Philadelphia who happens to have a history of getting involved with married men. His father, played by veteran Richard Lawson and his soon-to-be step mom, Leslie Zemeckis, are on him to find someone who’s actually available and to settle down. Instead, he finds a man named Jack who is fifteen years into a perfect marriage with two beautiful children and an enviable wife.

Director: Doug Spearman
Runtime: 1:46:00
United States, 2019

In Love with Ally Barker

18-year-old Ally meets 19-year-old Sara, when she moves in next-door. Quickly they form a strong relationship as Ally finds solace with Sara. Soon Sara discovers Ally’s secrets and she manipulates and convinces her to participate in an act of naive revenge against Ally’s abuser.

Director: Chris and Robert Smellin
Runtime: 1:47:00
Australia, 2018


Lupe follows Rafael, a young Cuban immigrant searching for their long-lost sister Isabel in New York City. Believing Isabel to have fallen into a life of prostitution, Rafael seeks to find and liberate her. Rafael is a trained boxer, and searching New York City’s gritty underworld often turns bloody.

Directors: Andrew Phillips, Charles Vuolo
Runtime 1:17:00
United States, 2019

Queering the Script

Giving queer fandom a voice in the conversation about LGBTQ+ representation from “Xena” to “The L Word” to “Pose”, QUEERING THE SCRIPT examines the rising power of the fans and audience shaping representation on TV, the relationship between fandom and activism, and what lies ahead for visibility and inclusiveness.

Director: Gabrielle Zilkha
Runtime: 1:25:00
Canada, 2019

The Right Girls

Three young transgender women from El Salvador and Honduras – Valentina, Johanna and Chantal – travel through Southern Mexico within the high-profile “Migrant Caravan”. They develop a deep friendship as they walk and hitch rides northwards; coping with long journeys, limited funds, and regular harassment. They team up with other trans girls – including Sinay – along the route, and integrate within the caravan’s LGBTQ community.

Director: Timothy Wolfer
Runtime: 1:24:33
Mexico/United States, 2019
Spanish with English subtitles

Song Lang

It’s 1980s in Saigon. Linh Phung is a star of a traveling Cai-luong (traditional folk opera) troupe deep in debt to a local loan shark. Dung “thunderbolt” is the enforcer come to collect. After an unlikely bond forms between the two, Linh Phung learns how a lived life is necessary for art and Dung follows art back to a life worth living.

Director: Leon Le
Runtime: 1:30:00
Vietnam, 2018
Vietnamese with English subtitles

Stone | Fruit

A gay couple heads to Central Coast California to celebrate their newly-inked divorce with wine, sun, a threesome, and more wine.

Director: Brandon Krajewski
Runtime: 1:35:00
United States, 2019

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Short Films

Be sure to join us for our annual LGBTQ Shorts Night, Sunday, Oct. 25, 6pm, this year hosted as a Zoom Watch Party! Free! Registration required. If you want to watch our shorts at your own leisure with on-demand access, purchase a $10 Shorts Pass or get access to all shorts and all 11 feature films with our All-Access Pass! See ticket details to purchase.



Leo had never imagined he would see his Dad kissing another man in the middle of a party… Until it happened. Now, with the help of Carol, his best friend, he has to find the most perfect way to tell his Dad that he found out about his secret.

Director: Caio Scot
Runtime: 15:05
Brazil, 2019
Portuguese with English subtitles

Dear Aunt Noa

A worldly transgender environmental activist from bustling LA and a struggling family-man mechanic from small town Ohio walk into a bar, their years of friendship tested by shades of gray in a modern America desperately masquerading in starkly contrasting monotones.

Director: Dana Aliya Levinson, Michael Armstrong Barr
Runtime: 11:33
United States, 2019


Javier has become an agoraphobe following his recent HIV diagnosis. His friend and caretaker, Ashley, begs for him to reenter the outside world, but, strangely, Javier has already arranged for the outside world to come to him, via a Grindr hookup. However backwards it may seem, Javier is determined to make contact with another person in whatever small and strange way he can.

Director: Conlan Carter
Runtime: 11:18
United States, 2019

Ext. Toronto. Night.

Walking home alone at night, Ben crosses paths with a handsome stranger on a bridge. When he introduces himself, the stranger, Josh, reminds him that they had a fling years ago in Montreal. As they reminisce about their time together, they dare to relive an exciting sexual escapade, but something’s not quite right about all this.

Director: Rob Salerno
Runtime: 7:28
Canada, 2019

Kama’āina (Child of the Land)

A queer sixteen-year-old girl, Mahina, must navigate life on the streets in Oahu, until she eventually finds refuge at the Pu’uhonua o Wai’anae––Hawaiʻi’s largest organized homeless encampment.

Director: Kimi Howl Lee
Runtime: 15:00
United States, 2020

Maggie Mysteries

Maggie, is the first woman and newest detective on the constabulary facing all of the “challenges,” like sexism, misogyny, and homophobia, of being a super smart butch in a dress in 1910. It’s her first day on the job and Maggie is forced into the menial task of searching for a lost dog instead of finding a contract killer by the blatantly misogynistic, ethnocentric, and homophobic sergeant.

Director: Shannon McDonough
Runtime: 9:31
Canada, 2019

The Office is Mine

When a new hire seemingly threatens his social standing at work, the usually amicable Zac begins to unravel. Fueled by paranoia that he’s being replaced, Zac finds himself propelled on a collision course with the newcomer. As the situation becomes increasingly unpredictable and violent, only one thing is for sure: The office isn’t big enough for the both of them.

Director: Michael Varrati
Runtime: 13:53
United States, 2019


Three childhood friends arrive at the hospital to visit their dear friend, Nitai, for one last time before he flies to New York, where he will undergo a heart transplant surgery. Shira, one of the friends, becomes captivated by Naama, the girl working in the hospital’s cafeteria. In order to cope with Nitai’s worsening medical condition, the friends change their focus from Nitai to Shira and decide to help her win Naama’s heart.

Director: Rachel Gawie
Runtime: 14:08
Israel, 2019
Hebrew with English subtitles


A Jewish Holocaust Survivor agrees to be interviewed by an African-American doing research for her grad thesis on REPARATIONS. He cannot grasp any similarity between restitution for descendants of slaves versus those he’s received from Germany. As her questions unearth his secrets the bond between them deepens.

Director: Gregory G. Allen
Runtime: 11:29
United States, 2020

South of Heaven

Ten Zuiden van de Hemel

When his boyfriend shows up unannounced, Elias’ religious family learns their son’s darkest secret.

Director: Marco van Bergen
Runtime: 18:02
Netherlands, 2019
Dutch with English subtitles


Join us for several special events, including our annual LGBTQ Shorts Night, talkbacks, and a watch party!


Sunday, Oct. 25, 6pm

One of the best parts of Reel Out Charlotte is coming together to celebrate queer film, and since we can’t do that in-person this year, we want to do it digitally. So! Join us for a watch party on Sunday, October 25 at 6pm to watch this year’s Short Film Lineup, featuring a number of never-before-seen in Charlotte shorts that reflect the beauty of our community. Be sure to register for free via the ticket options below to be sent the private Zoom login at 5:45pm just before the start of our 6pm watch party. Make popcorn, drinks, and snacks at home – and we’ll watch together, apart!


Monday, Oct. 26, 6pm

Annually, our short film lineup is one of the best parts of Reel Out Charlotte — and we try to bring some special guests to Charlotte for you to chat with and meet. Since our film festival is virtual this year, we still want to bring that opportunity to you: via social media! Join us on Facebook and YouTube on Monday, October 26 at 6pm to chat with the filmmakers of DEAR AUNT NOA.


Wednesday, Oct. 28, 6pm

One of our absolute favorite movies this year is LUPE, the story of a Cuban trans woman who searches for her sense of self and identity in NYC. We love it so much, that we wanted to have our only other watch party centered on watching this amazing movie together. Purchase your ticket for Lupe (or grab an All-Access Pass!) and we’ll send the private Zoom login at 5:45pm just before the start of our 6pm watch party. Make popcorn, drinks, and snacks at home — and we’ll watch together, apart!


Thursday, Oct. 29, 6pm

LUPE, the story of a Cuban trans woman who searches for her sense of self and identity in NYC, is one of the best features of our 2020 Virtual Reel Out lineup, and we are so excited to be joined by co-directors Andre Phillips and Charles Vuolo, actor Christine Rosario Lawrence, and producer Kerry Michelle. Catch this livestream on Facebook and YouTube on Thursday, October 29 at 6pm. Be sure to watch the movie first, and we’ll see you there with what questions you have for our filmmakers!


Thursday, Oct. 29, 7pm

A story of forbidden love and exploring what you really want in life, FROM ZERO TO I LOVE YOU, speaks to the romantic in our hearts – and you’ll get to hear from some of the folks who made it happen when we are joined by Doug Spearman, director, writer, and executive producer of FROM ZERO TO I LOVE YOU. Catch this livestream on Facebook and Youtube on Tuesday, Oct. 27 at 6pm. Be sure to watch the movie first, and we’ll see you there with what questions you have for our filmmakers!


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